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December 2018

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 Join? Go here first. [Updated 19th Feb 2013]

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PostSubject: Join? Go here first. [Updated 19th Feb 2013]   Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:09 pm

Hello there!

We are happy to see that you found your way to our forum and this thread, which must mean that you are interested in knowing more about us. We would appreciate if you keep all of this in mind if you decide to make an application to join us.

Information about us

In Nine Inch Runes we don't put any high value in levels or experience. What matters most to us is who you are as a person. We think Tibia is meant to be fun, so of course there will always be lots of jokes and laughs in our guild. We want our members to check the forum regularly to stay updated.

There is no requirement for members to always be active. We are aware that real life needs to come first and we would encourage our members to put their real life before their in-game activity any day.
Nine Inch Runes, just like any other guild in Tibia, will periodically suffer from inactivity. We understand that it's temporary and that it happens from time to time so if your looking for a maxed out active guild, then stop reading.
The only thing we require concerning inactivity is for our members to notify us if they will be away or retire for a longer period of time, apart from that we have no beef with inactivity.

To get help with quests is often requested and most of us are happy to help with whatever we can. However, due to different time zones and lack of high leveled blockers and healers, sometimes it's impossible to form a team for harder/longer quests. We do our best to contribute when we can, though.

Many enjoy hunting in teams while others prefer hunting alone, which is all perfectly normal. Same as for questing applies here also, different time zones may get in the way and it's sometimes hard to plan a hunt. The best way to make it happen is usually to just "wing it" and go whenever you find people online who are interested.

We play a very innocent role in Tibia. We always try to avoid causing trouble. This means that we don't randomly kill other people, steal other people's spawns or show a poor attitude toward others. If trouble seems out to get us however, each and everyone of our members get to decide what to do based on the guidelines we have set up for them. We expect that everyone tries to act in a mature manner, even if the trouble-makers won't.

We are simply a bunch of mature (in age or mind), fair players who follow some few simple guidelines while playing Tibia. We love to chat and have fun in game and on the forums. Simply put, we are a family that support each other and share each other's lives together while at a distance.

- Courtesy of Feeya
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PostSubject: Re: Join? Go here first. [Updated 19th Feb 2013]   Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:23 pm

Application guidelines

I heard you wanted to join us?
Well well, that is how you greet people? A simple 'Hi I want to join please!'
<Shakes head>
We require more of you and would like to explain what...

- We would like a detailed description of you as a person, tell us about yourself, explain where you come from, how old you are and what you like/dislike. Pretty much anything that could be of value to us to get to know you a little better. The more detailed image we have about you, the easier our job will be and also the more accurate the decision is.

- We would also like you to write a little about yourself as a Tibian player, what former guilds you've been part of, possible enemies, perhaps a story of your childhood in rook or what led you to this point (often referred to as RPG-Story).
Anything goes and the more time you put into this the more time our members and elders will spend reading it. This might benefit you alot.

- The apperance and formating of your application is also important to us. That means using comas and dots and starting new sentances with a capital letter for example. Your free to surprise us though remember if the application is a chaotic mess, we might stop reading at some point.

You now think you have a good view of how your application should look like? Then also answer the following please...

  • What made you decide to write a application for us?
  • What do you associate Nine Inch Runes with?
  • If we take you in, what do you expect from us?
  • What can we as a guild expect from you?
  • If you could be a fruit, what fruit would that be and also why?
  • You see a man crossing a major road in his wheelchair in the middle of the trafficrush, he stops in the middle of the road and just sits there, staring at the cars in the distance with a determined face-expression. What do you do? (There is no limit to what you can write here and there is nothing we expect you to write or do. Push him further out, steal one of his wheels, save him, put your penis in his ear or whatever, we enjoy people with a wild imagination).

  • Update: Pick one of the hidden questions below
    (Note: These have no right or wrong answers, we would simply like to know your opinion and thoughts)

    Alternative 1

    Alternative 2

    Alternative 3

Hopefully these questions will give you a decent picture already who we are but if it doesn't feel free to just talk to us in the Recruit Discussion thread located as a sticky on this subforum, private message us on these forums or message us ingame!

The Management
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Join? Go here first. [Updated 19th Feb 2013]
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